Liberty-Benton Elementary Students of the Month for October

Students of the Month for October are:

Abigail Elseser (3W)
Gabe St. Amour (4Ha)
Jed Bell (5S)
Ashlynn Kunkle-Stough (KJ)
Leyton Simons (2Y)
Adeyln Amspaugh (3W)

Luke Kern (KST), Madelyn Jenkens (KHO), Sarina Simons (KB) and Sydney Wolford (KG)

First Grade:
Ella Stump (1SL), Graham Reichenbach (1K), and Annaleis Cooper (1H)

Second Grade:
Addison Kennedy (2O), and Libby Hocanson (2MC)

Third Grade:
Leah Seidel (3S)

Fourth Grade:
Amelia Clymer (4AB), Tyler Richenbacher (4B), Addi Crow (4E), and Lexi Howard (4R)

Fifth Grade: 
Brady Mabe (5ST), Kylie Recker (5LN), and Ian Rath (5P)


Elementary Students Earn Accelerated Reader Achievement

Congratulations to the following students for earning Accelerated Reader (AR) points. These students names were placed on the AR bulletin board.

1. Seriella Hablitzel- KHO- 16.0 points
2. Elizabeth Niese- KHO- 10.5 points
3. Grady Latta – KHO- 8.3 points
4. Trevor Gebhardt – KHO – 4.9 points
5. Barbie Meronk – KHO- 3.9 points

First Grade
1. Graham Reichenbach – 1K- 35.2 points
2. James Buddelmeyer – 1K- 33.6 points
3. Caleb Hochstettler – 1K- 29.3 points
4. Jackson Knepper – 1LW- 26.5 points
5. Lilliana Wilson – 1H- 25.0 points

Second Grade
1. Andrew Tomlinson – 2LM- 50.9 points
2. Brody Thomas – 2V- 48.0 points
3. Major Stevens – 2V- 42.3 points
4. Ryan Maas – 2LM- 41.2 points
5. Zachary Elchert – 2V- 38.1 points

Third Grade
1.Reagan Knapke – 3H- 168.1 points
2. Donovan Stripe -3W – 87.6 points
3. Gabriella Tuttle – 3H- 80.5 points
4. William Niese – 3SP- 72.7 points
5. Sophia Gruber – 3H- 66.6 points

Fourth Grade
1. Nicole Susko – 4AB- 318.2 points
2. Noah Davis – 4AB- 273.5 points
3. Emma Shroeder – 4B- 172.9 points
4. Gabriel St. Amour – 4HA- 158.4 points
5. Reese Phillips – 4HA- 149.7 points

Fifth Grade
1. Kaylen Niese – 5LN- 130.1 points
2. Bethany Todd – 5LN- 101.5 points
3. Allyse Michael – 5LN- 87.6 points
4. RJ Coldren – 5LN- 87.6 points
5. Alana Subramaniam – 5LN- 81.0 points

October High School Students of the Month

IMG_3180_1Senior Amber Dick is active in FFA and serves as the chapter president. She is also a Millstream welding student and is on the honor roll. She enjoys giving back to her community and seeing the impact she can have using her skills and knowledge. Her favorite classes are Animal and Plant Science and Millstream Welding. She is looking forward to graduating from high school and her personal goal is to get the highest degree you can get in the FFA, the American Degree. Amber is the daughter of Deb and Gary DiIMG_3177_1ck.

Junior Jensen Hiegel is active in soccer, basketball, Habitudes, National Honor Society, and was the junior Homecoming attendant. Jensen also serves as a STRIDES leader, and her favorite subject is math. She enjoys hanging out with friends and attending Bible study. She is looking forward to graduating and going to college, and her personal goal is to play a college sport. Jensen is the daughter of Doug and Kelly Hiegel.

SophomoreIMG_3169_1 Adrienne Masterlasco enjoys drawing, traveling, running, and spending time with friends. Her favorite classes are Algebra II and English, and she is active in indoor track, outdoor track, Z-club, and student council. She is looking forward to traveling around the world when she is older, and her personal goal is to be able to go to the college of her choice. Adrienne is the daughter of Amy and Patrick Masterlasco.


Freshman Trent Ward enjoIMG_3166_1ys sledding in the Winter, playing Xbox, and playing football with friends. His favorite class is Spanish, and he is active in FCA, soccer, and STRIDES. He is looking forward to getting semester exams over so he can look forward to Christmas. His personal goal is to get all A’s all year. Trent is the son of Bethany and Mike Ward.

Liberty-Benton Middle School Students of the Quarter

Students of the Quarter for the first nine weeks grading period are:

Sixth Grade: Chase Collert
Seventh Grade: Robbie Crossman
Eighth Grade: Mia Trevino

Congratulations to Chase Collert, Robbie Crossman, and Mia Trevino for being selcted by their teachers as Students of the Quarter for the first nine weeks grading period. Students are selected for their academic performance and their outstanding character. Chase, Robbie, and Mia enjoyed an ice cream treat at Dietch’s and had a photo shoot at Osborne Photography on November 18th.

Robbie Crossman, Mia Trevino, and Chase Collert
Pictured L-R: Robbie Crossman, Mia Trevino, and Chase Collert

Illustrator Henry Cole Visits LBES

Author and illustrator, Henry Cole, visited the Liberty-Benton Elementary school. Students learned about how books are made and assembled. Simple things like pencil, paper, a clipboard, along with practice, is all you need to be an illustrator. Students were excellent listeners, well-behaved, and engaged throughout the assembly. Thank you to the Art Partnership and the Community Foundation for providing funding to bring Henry Cole to our school.