Literacy Tip of the Month for March

What is Fluency?

Fluency is the ability to read smoothly and automatically, with expression and attention to punctuation.

Pace= the speed in which you read

  • the goal is to read at a “just right” pace.
  • Reading not too fast and not too slow.

Phrasing=Chunking the words together into meaningful phrases

  • Reading in phrases and not reading words one. word. at. a.time.

Intonation (Expression)=Reading with feeling in your voice

  • Changing your voice to match a character.
  • Reading link you would speak (and not like a robot!).
  • Moving your voice up and down.

Punctuation= Reading with attention to punctuation.

  • Stopping at periods…
  • Taking breaths at commas ,,,
  • Making your voice go up for question marks ???
  • Showing excitement for exclamation points !!!
  • Using “quotation marks” to change voice for characters.


Elementary February Students of the Month

Students of the Month for February are:

Lydia Hendricks;
CJ Beeman;
Alexis Wadding;
Vivian McCartney;
Maya Collert;
Jackson Knepper


Saraphina Bouaphakeo, Evan Settlemire, and Zach Niese

First Grade:
William Hamlin, Addisyn Stewart, Emma Hertel, and Annika Davis

Second Grade:
Jaxson Rath, Evan Makowski, Cadie Gallo, and Colin Sumerville

Third Grade:
Ben Jenkins, Ellie Kate Norman, and Addison Williams

Fourth Grade:
Gavin Kinkle-Stough, Winter Hardy-Flower, Ethan Cook, and Mason Modd

Fifth Grade:
Brady Mabe, Isaiah Higgins, and Sable Siebeneck

Elementary Students Earn Accelerated Reader Achievement

Congratulations to the following students who made it on the AR board in March. These students worked hard last month by reading books, taking AR quizzing, and continuing to earn points. Great Job!! Your reading is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!


Seriella Hablitzel-KHO       48.3 points
Alexander Coldren-KST      36.1 points
Trevor Gebhardt-KHO        33.6 points
Grady Latta-KHO                 30.8 points
Anna Witte-KHO                  28.8 points

First Grade

Jackson Knepper-1L               105.2 points
Graham Reichenbach-1K      97.9 ponts
Aidan Buddelmeyer-1K         75.3 points
Morgan Kern-1H                     73.7 points
Claire Johnson-1W                  73.6 points

Second Grade

Andrew Tomlinson-2LM        143.4 points
Jonathan Coldren-2o               121.2 points
Rachel Peterson-2LM              101.2 points
Ryan Maas-2LM                        97.4 points
Cadence Gallo-2V                     97.4 points

Third Grade

Reagan Knapke-3H                   488.7 points
Gabriella Tuttle-3H                   233.2 points
Mackenzie Walker-3H              231.5 points
Benjamin Leichty-3H                179.3 points
Donovan Stripe-3W                   178.8 points

Fourth Grade

Nicole Susko-4AB                       524.2 points
Emma Schroeder-4AB               425.9 points
Noah Davis-4AB                          423.7 points
Gabe St. Amour-4HA                  401.8 points
Reese Phillips-4HA                      336.1 points

Fifth Grade

Kaylen Niese                                338.0 points
Bethany Todd                              261.3 points
Conner Criblez                            237.0 points
Alana Subramaniam                  228.8 points
RJ Coldren                                    200.9 points

LB Elementary Student Art Exhibit

Liberty-Benton Elementary Students are hosting a Student Art Exhibit for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The Art Exhibit opened on March 3 at the Findlay Art League located at 117 W. Crawford Street. This annual event is open to students in Findlay and Hancock County Schools.

Congratulations to the following students  who were selected to participate in the 2016 Findlay Art League Exhibition: Allysen Bissell and R.J. Coldren from Fifth Grade; Rianna Lewis and Ty Richardson from Fourth Grade; Abigal Elseser from Third Grade; Caleb Rickle and Noah Rickle from Second Grade; and Evie Stossel from First Grade.

Thank you for representing our school!