Spring is Here-Dress Code Refresher

Seasons are changing, so it’s a good time for a refresher on the dress codes for each school.

Elementary School Dress Code:

Students and their parents are responsible for students’ proper dress and personal appearance while at school. Students are expected to dress appropriately at all times. Any dress or grooming that interferes with the cleanliness, health, welfare or safety of the students, or that disrupts the educational process by being distracting, indecent or inappropriate, is expressly prohibited. Flip flops are not permitted at school. Shoes with wheels are permitted as long as the wheels remain in the heel. The principal’s decision about dress code issues are final. The following styles or manners of dress that are not allowed include, but are not limited to:

  • Clothing which advertises drugs, tobacco, suggestive themes, or alcoholic beverages;
  • Walking shorts, dresses, and skirts if they do not pass normally accepted standards of decency and/or is inappropriate for the weather. Shorts, dresses, and skirts should reach the tips of the fingers when hands are stretched down at side;
  • Nylon running shorts, cutoffs, or bicycle shorts (spandex);
  • Midriffs, halter or tube tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, and mesh shirts;
  • Hats of any kind, bandannas, visors, and all other head coverings;
  • sunglasses;
  • any chain that has the potential of causing harm or distraction;
  • Oversized clothing, which is excessive or compromises the safety of the students, is not permitted. Garments must be worn at a reasonable height on the hips so as not to expose undergarments. No “Droopers” permitted.

Middle School Dress Code:

A student shall not dress or behave in such a manner which calls attention to himself/herself, cause a disruption or presents a safety or health problem. If dress becomes objectionable, the principal will make a determination of the appropriateness of the attire. Specific articles which are not allowed are:

  • Flip flops;
  • Spandex or tight fitting clothing (yoga pants etc.);
  • Sunglasses;
  • Hats;
  • Short shorts/short skirts;
  • Boxer shorts/any visible undergarment;
  • Halter tops or spaghetti strap shirts and sleeveless apparel;
  • Bare midriffs or shirt/pants combinations that allow for the exposure of the midriff;
  • Pajama pants;
  • Apparel portraying drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or questionable language is not permitted;
  • Chains or gang related materials, or anything that can scratch or mar school furniture;
  • Grossly ripped or frayed clothing where the skin is visible;
  • Low cut tops.

The Final decision regarding appropriate school attire rests with the principal.

High School Dress Code:

Students and their parents are responsible for students’ proper dress and personal appearance while at school. Any dress or grooming that interferes with the cleanliness, health, welfare, or safety of the students, or that disrupts the educational process by being distracting, indecent, or inappropriate, is expressly prohibited. Teachers and advisers of classes and activities may require dress and appearance standards that are more strict for participation in their programs or activities. Apparel portraying drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or questionable language is not permitted. Principal’s decision about dress code issues are final. The following are examples of inappropriate attire:

  • Cut offs, spandex clothing, pajamas;
  • Tank tops or tops that reveal cleavage, mesh and/or bare midriff shirts. All shirts must be long enough to be tucked into slacks, skirt, or shorts;
  • Hats of any kind, bandannas, visors, and all other head coverings;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Clothing, patches, and buttons with drug, narcotic, alcoholic, obscene, suggestive or questionable messages;
  • Torn clothing is inappropriate. There are to be no holes, tears, thread-bare, or patched jeans, pants, or skirts;
  • Outdoor coats and jackets are not to be worn during classes;
  • Attire and/or jewelry that depicts or suggests gangs, jails, violence, weapons, or hate speech;
  • All pants must be worn at the waist. No low rise pants. All outerwear must cover underwear;
  • Any chain that has the potential of causing harm or distraction;
  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be long enough to extend past the fingertips as the student’s hands are stretched down their side. Shorts should have a minimum 3-4 inch inseam;
  • Students are not to carry lighters or matches;
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.


Liberty-Benton Middle School Students of the Quarter

Students of the Quarter for the third nine weeks grading period are:

Jacob Pressel, Sixth Grade;
Caleb Aukerman, Seventh Grade;
Avery Ayers, Eighth Grade

Congratulations to Jacob Pressel, Caleb Aukerman, and Avery Ayers for being selected by their teachers as Students of the Quarter for the third nine weeks grading period. Students are selected for their academic performance, solid work ethic, positive attitude, and their outstanding character. These students enjoyed an ice cream treat at Dietsch Brothers and a photo session at Osborne Photography on March 30, 2016.

Avery Ayers
Jacob Pressel
Caleb Aukerman


LBHS Students of the Month of February

BracySenior Brandon Bracy is active in soccer, FFA, and the envirothon team. He enjoys fishing, hiking, and hanging out with friends. He is looking forward to graduation. His favorite classes are math, wildlife, and fisheries. His personal goal is to attend a two-year technical school. Brandon is the son of Dale and Charity Bracy.



BachorikJunior Cody Bachorik is active in band, choir, musicals, Fermata the Blue acapella choir, jazz band, solo and ensemble contest, state soil judging, FFA, and the envirothon. Team. He enjoys music and working outside, and his favorite classes are choir and band. He is looking forward to going to college. Cody’s personal goal is to be successful at whatever he chooses to do. Cody is the son of Wendy and Daryl Bachorik.


JohannigmanSophomore Conner Johannigman enjoys watching movies, golfing, fishing, and hanging out with friends. His favorite subject is math. Conner is active in track, football, basketball, Spanish Club, and is a STRIDES leader. He is looking forward to graduating and going to college. His personal goal is to graduate with honors. Conner is the son of Mark Johannigman and Char Simons.



CarpenterFreshman Aly Carpenter is active in the FCA, Volleyball, Z-Club, basketball, choir, and Fermata the Blue acapella choir. She enjoys club volleyball, Bible study, and the Hancock Addiction Prevention Program for Youth (HAPPY). Her favorite subject is math, and she is looking forward to a successful high school career, academically and athletically. Her personal goal is to live life to the fullest, and do it in God’s name. Aly is the daughter of Brigette and Jim Carpenter.


LB Staff Member of the Month of February

Mr. Ray Wolfe is in his third year of teaching at Liberty-Benton High School and Middle School. Mr. Wolfe earned his bachelors of music degree in music education from Ohio University. He lives in Findlay and has one brother, two nieces, and two nephews.

Mr. Wolfe enjoys teaching students of many ages and being able to watch them progress from year to year. He also enjoys watching students perform and their reactions to creating music. He is looking forward to going to the OMEA contest as well as playing a lot of golf over the summer. He enjoys singing, golfing, spending time with friends and family, watching movies, and drinking coffee.

STRIDES Service Project-Annual Red Cross Oscar Night Decorating and Set-Up

For the fifth consecutive year, the North Central Ohio Chapter of the American Red Cross Oscar Night Committee approached Mr. Steven’s and Mr. Quisno’s STRIDES groups to take on the responsibility of decorating for their Red Carpet Ball, which has become recognized as a traditional Findlay event.

This year’s ball was held on Saturday, February 27th at the Hilton Garden Inn at North Ridge Road in Findlay. This marked the second year for the Hilton Garden as host location since the ball was moved from its downtown location at the Findlay Inn and Suites. This year’s theme was “Star Wars” and the ballroom and dining area was decorated to the hilt with Star Wars characters from the long-time movie series.

Our STRIDES groups helped by providing our usual backdrops of a few characters from the series and set-up and decorating of the entrance and ballroom. Once again it was a complete success as the hotel was turned into a Hollywood masterpiece. Well, kinda. Executive Directors Todd James and Mike Epps were very appreciative of our efforts and the event was a smashing success, raising over $73,000 to benefit the American Red Cross North Central Ohio Chapter.

LBHS STRIDES March Madness

For the second consecutive year, the Liberty-Benton High School STRIDES program held a March Madness collection to support various local agencies. During the Toiletries Collection, students and staff donated shampoos, soap, toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorants, and various personal care items. Over 800 items were collected. These items were donated to the Hope House, City Mission, and Chopin Hall. During the Dog and Cat items collection, students and staff donated towels, blankets, pet food, treats, and pet toys to benefit the Humane Society and Teddy’s Rescue. In the final March Madness week-long collection, students and staff donated new socks, new underwear, new hairbrushes, towels, bedding, kitchenware, and various household items to the Fire Relief Foundation. Liberty-Benton High School would like to thank all the students, staff, and LB families who contributed to these generous donations for our local agencies. Together, we definitely made a positive contribution to our community. Great work, Liberty-Benton STRIDES!


3rd Quarter All A Honor Roll and A/B Honor Roll

6th Grade All A Honor Roll

Abigail (Abby) Ayers
Clara Baker
Brooklynn Brown
Chase Collert
Kelsey Conkright
Brennan Darrach
Zane Davis
Sydney Elseser
Saul Flores
Joseph Gerken
Isabella (Izzy) Granger
Marissa Green
Austin Hanni-Wells
Mary Harrington
Spencer Hubbuch
Jacob Pressel
Olivia Rickle
Benjamin (Ben) Traoutman
Mason Tuttle
Adyson Wilcox

6th Grade A/B Honor Roll

Xavier Bailey
Alana Birkemeier
Abigail Borgerson
Connor Boyd
Toby Collert
Cameron Criblez
Brooke Deeter
Audree Flick
Kaitlin Flores
Shiloh Foltz
Brandon Gaerke
Andrea Garcia-Rolon
Kendra Gardine
Chloe Heidlebaugh
Lexis Heidlebaugh
Abigail (Abigail) Hohman
Faith Iliff
Adeline Kern
Carson Kisseberth
Alexis Kramb
Easton Kurtz
Alivia Lanagan
Savannah Lease
Emma Mannering
Brice McDaniel
Shelby Modd
Trejan (Trey) Moser
Michael (Cooper) Norman
Brett Ogborn
Kilee Perkins
Elizabeth Peterman
Jaelynn Pierce
Peytan Rentz
Zachary (Zach) Rickenbacher
Logan Ricker
Alyson Ridgeway
Audrey Risner
Hayley Schlumbohm
Elizabeth (Beth) Seidel
Connor Smith
Jordan Snider
Riley Snider
Zander Stansbery
Andrew Thomas
Jalen Titus
Jonas Todd

7th Grade All A Honor Roll

Sophia (Sophie) Aschemeier
Elizabeth Eberhard
Taryn Green
Noah Lyon
Alexis Rickenbacher
Benjamin Spiess
Taylor Ward

7th Grade A/B Honor Roll

Jason Alford
Caleb Aukerman
Hunter Balicki
Gavin Beach
Josephina Bouaphakeo
Luke Broerman
Elizabeth (Izzy) Burman
Cole Busch
Connor (Connor) Clagg
Ethan Click
Marcus Criblez
Logan Cupp
Nathaniel Dire
Lincoln Ebert
Kylie Evans
Mayra Garcia-Rolon
Trinity Gasser
Kylie Gioffredo
Kelsey Hall
Gabriel (Gabe) Hardy-Fowler
Luka Heilman
Mary Holley
Allison Hooper
Austin Kern
Jaemacyn Morgan
Elijah (Eli) Nichols
Aaron Payment
Joshua (Josh) Reindel
Jada Siebeneck
Mia Siferd
Jack (Jack) Slezak
Autuem Symmes
Brayden Todd

8th Grade All A Honor Roll

Julia Bell
Cody Collert
Caitlin Elseser
Callie Kisseberth
Michael Kotey
Luke McDonald
Audrey Murphy
Emma Otley
Alissa Rhodes
Jordan Roeder
Alexis (Lexi) Sutherland
Rebecca (Becky) Wilkins

8th Grade A/B Honor Roll

Braydon Beucler
Benjamin (Ben) Boutwell
Savanahh Crossman
Sydney Crossman
Katelyn (Katie) Depuy
Michael Erdeljac
Collin Gaerke
Joseph (Joey) Grubinski
Philip (Reed) Hubbuch
Adelei (Addie) Kolan
Seth Lasiter
Alfredo (AJ) Maldonado
Tesla Moneer
Austin Newell
Alexis Ponx
Derek Puthoff
William (Wake) Quirion
Brianna Reeves
Dalton Reiter
Kevin Rickle
Marshall Rose
Schylar (Schy) Shepherd
Gabrielle (Gabi) Smith
Amanda Tremains
Mia Trevino
Mattie Vermilya
Skylea Vucco
Taylor Young

For Athletes and Coaches for the 2016-2017 School Year

Athletic Physicals for the 2016-2017 school year will be offered on Wednesday May 25, 2016, at N.W.O. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, located at 7595 CR 236 in Findlay. The cost is $20.00; make checks payable to N.W.O. Orthopedics. Times are as follows:

  • Jr. High 6:00 pm
  • 9th and 10th grade 6:15 pm
  • 11th and 12th grade 6:30 pm

You must be at N.W.O. Orthopedics before 6:45 to be guaranteed you will be seen!

If you are unable to attend this date, physicals are available from the Promedica Urgent Care department on the N.W.O. campus. Physicals will be available during the summer seven (7) days a week at a cost of $20. Please call (419)427-3030 for hours and to schedule and appointment to reduce your waiting time.