LB Middle School Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Champions
Pictured left to right:
Eighth grader Jason Alford, School Spelling Bee Champion
Seventh grader Izzy Granger, Third Place
Eighth grader Kylie Evans, Spelling Bee Runner Up
Sixteen Liberty-Benton Middle School students competed in the school wide Spelling Bee on January 5, 2017 in the middle school gym.  After 14 rounds, eighth grader Jason Alford won the bee.  Jason will represent Liberty-Benton Middle School at the county wide spelling bee held at Glenwood Middle School on February 9, 2017 at 7 p.m.
The following were the top 17 spellers who were selected to compete tin the spelling bee.
1.  Jason Alford
2.  Josephina Bouaphakeo
3.  Kylie Evans
4.  Bryan Haas
5.  David Mace
6.  Brennen Michael
7.  Jaemacyn Morgan
8.  Eli Nichols
9.  Ben Spiess
10.  Brayden Todd
11.  Maya Rickle
12.  Chase Collert
13.  Izzy Granger
14.  Lexis Heidlebaugh
15.  Adeline Kern
16.  Cooper Norman
17.  Connar Troxel-Spears