LBHS Students of the Month for December 2017

Liberty-Benton High School Students of the Month for December 2017

Senior Rafael Naranjo Garcia enjoys soccer and traveling, and his favorite subjects are science and math. He is looking forward to going to college, and his personal goal is to become a neurologist. Rafael is the son of Juan Naranjo and Flor Garcia.




Junior Molly Walker is active in volleyball, STRIDES, National Honor Society, and Z-Club, and she enjoys working out to stay healthy. Her favorite subjects are math and chemistry, and she is looking forward to starting fresh at college. Her personal goals are to stay true to who she is and have confidence in herself. Molly is the daughter of Carla Walker.



Sophomore Julia Bell is active in choir and Spanish Club, and she is looking forward to getting her first job. Her favorite class is Spanish, and she enjoys reading, cooking, and listening to music. Her personal goal is to continue to achieve academic success in her classes. Julia is the daughter of Brian and Geniene Bell.



Freshman Kati Pape enjoys singing and painting, and her favorite classes are history, science, and choir. She is active in the musical, “Spamalot,” soccer, and softball, and she looks forward to making memories with her friends at basketball, baseball, and football games. Her personal goals are to get really good grades throughout high school and college and become a science teacher. Kati is the daughter of Paul and Jodi Pape.


Honorable Mention Nominations for December Included:

Eliza Brisbin
Corrine Groves
Emma Grubinski
Sydney McMonigal
Hannah Otley
Sydney Plesec
Kaylee Puthoff
Justin Risner
Scott Symmes
Katie Veenstra

Ryan Bell
Andrew Grimm
Eli Heaster
Katelyn Lewis
Brandon Maas
Karissa Mead
Nicolas Petrella
Jacob Reindel
Grace Schlumbohm

Clark August
Ben Boutwell
Kyle Butler
Marcellus Eckford
Holly Heck
Callie Kisseberth
Michael Kotey
Alissa Rhodes
Mia Trevino
Mattie Vermilya

Brycen Abbott
Sophie Aschemeier
Robbie Crossman
Logan Cupp
Austin Kern
Chloe Kern
Lauren Kern
Noah Lyon
Alexis Nagy