Scholarship Information
  • Recommendations:  Ask early!  Respect their time and effort, give them plenty of ADVANCED notice (a week, minimum).  
  • ESSAYS:  Start an electronic scholarship file.  Once you have spent the time writing a great essay, you may only need to do minor changes to have it work for another scholarship prompt.

These are some national websites for scholarship searches.  Keep in mind these are National......the lottery if you will.  Give them a try, but don't let them "burn you out"!           
Click here for  Current Scholarships list
Direct Links to Local Scholarships  
Feb. 15~NWOSYL Soccer             Feb. 23~St. Rita's Health
Feb. 28~Owens Trustee                  Feb. 28~Owens Foundation
Mar.   2~Benton Ridge Telephone
Mar. 15~Findlay Service League   Mar.18~Black Swamp Bucks
Mar. 28~Millstream Credit            Mar.30~Agri Business
Mar.31~Findlay Masonic               Apr.   1~Robert L. Rhoad    
Apr.   3~Old Fort Bank                  Apr.  6~Shelly Corporation  
Apr. 15~Fort Findlay DAR           Apr. 14~Kelsey Magee     
Apr. 15~Judge Routson                  May 4~LB Music Booster
May  5~Findlay Art League