We take harassment and bullying seriously

At times, there are issues and actions that impact our students. When these happen within our schools, it is our responsibility to fully and independently conduct an investigation.
We take this role very seriously. We have school board policies that adhere to laws and at times, our work leads us to even involve the advice and guidance of legal counsel.

Ensuring the rights of any involved is essential. So, too, is it essential that we protect the integrity of any investigation and subsequent details of proceedings and the discipline of anyone in our schools, regardless of whether they are a student or staff member.

It has been brought to our attention that at times there is online chatter regarding a specific situation. Please know that the protections we can afford to those involved are limited but that it is up to each of us to ensure that we are responsible digital citizens and that we are aware of the impact postings have on others.

As for our schools, we take harassment, bullying and any other behavior that does not comply with our expected student or staff behavior seriously.

Should you be aware of any such misconduct, please report to https://www.publicschoolworks.com/SHL/bullyingMgr.asp?di=1348&dia=n3cvy

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