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From the Desk of the Superintendent

Eagle Update April 2015

Spring is finally setting up shop and it feels great. This month I wanted to update everyone on the latest discussions related our existing K-8 building. The Board heard a presentation by Garmann-Miller Architects at its March meeting. In this presentation, three options were presented to the Board on possible plans of action.

Option 1: Use 2014 information of the building done by Garmann-Miller for our bond issue this past November to prioritize repairs and alterations. This option would extend the life of the building for a limited period of time.

Option 2: Same priority list as Option 1, but with longer term solutions. This would involve some higher dollar cost items such as HVAC, Electrical systems, and repairs/alterations to existing classrooms/modulars.

Options 3: Long term fix for the District. Address Option 2 along with removal of modulars and replace with an addition. This would require a bond issue due to the cost involved.

Discussion by the Board established the following parameters:

  1. There would be no ballot issue. (Eliminates Option 3)
  2. The work would/could be done in stages.
  3. Areas of concentration should include:
    1. Health and Safety
    2. Operational and Classroom effectiveness
    3. Aesthetics of the building

The Board has asked the administration to sit down with the architects and prioritize the repairs/alterations and the associated cost.  This will allow them to set a plan of action soon.

I hope to see you soon at one of our many spring events.

Go Eagles! 


Yours in Education,

Jim Kanable