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From the Desk of the Superintendent

September 30th, 2014


This communication is the 4th letter in a series of communications that we have sent to the Liberty Benton District.  Each month we have endeavored to provide a fact based communication to help our District understand the facts surrounding the upcoming levy request to build a new K-8 facility.   We trust that you have found the information helpful and increasingly more detailed.  With that said, the following letter is intended to provide a finer focus with detail centered on the building itself.

First, we have been asked many times what the school is going to look like.  The truth is – we don’t know exactly.  This is not uncommon.  Renderings are often created by the architect, but are not final.  The final architecture and engineered design will be completed if a project is approved.  What will it look like?  The commitment to the District is that the facility will be tastefully done and constructed so that it appears to be one cohesive campus or a natural extension of the High School facility.  

Another frequently asked question is how much bigger will our new building be versus our old facility and why.  The old building, with modular space, is 98,296 sq. ft. The proposed new K-8 building is 126,372 sq. ft.  This is an increase of 22%.  The increase in space will positively impact all aspects of the school including classrooms, special education, music and the arts.  Classrooms will have an average of 150 additional sq. ft. supporting individual learning, group based learning, technology and proper materials storage.  Restrooms will be of adequate size and location, kitchen facilities will be adequate to serve the needs of all students, and the entire campus will be handicap accessible.

Today, 98% of the functional classrooms in our existing building do not meet the state minimum per classroom size.  Additionally, 94% of the “other” functional space in our existing building does not meet the state minimum.  This includes; food service, dining, special education, visual arts, physical education and administrative space. Today, one middle school music room and one pre-kindergarten classroom are the only educational spaces that meet the state minimum.  All instructional and support service space will meet state minimum requirements under the proposed plan.    

Please refer to the attached square footage plan for specific detail.  This is a deep look inside the District’s proposed K-8 building and the planning document that is being utilized and managed by our school administration, the superintendent, the building consultants, engineers and architects.    

We appreciate your engagement in this process and encourage you to continue to ask questions and visit or call the superintendent or members of the Board of Education.  All of the provided information can also be accessed at www.lb-levy.com .

Yours in Education,


The Liberty Benton Board of Education Members,


Scott Rhodes, President; AJ Granger, Vice-President; Tom Miller; Dana Morgan; Vern Strong

Jim Kanable, Superintendent; Lisa Dobbins, Treasurer 

New Bld Space Comparison.png