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Eagle Update - November 2014

From the Desk of the Superintendent

October 24, 2014


It is great to have the Eagle Update return to our community. You will be receiving this in the mail within the next week. The past eight months have allowed the Board of Education and myself to venture into many homes across the district and have conversations. One of the items that rose to the top of the list was the need to communicate more the events and happenings within the schools to our community at large. To respond to this we have budgeted for nine mailings each year.  We hope you enjoy the updates and keep up with the accomplishments of our children.

With many topics possible to present to you, I thought that a key piece of information to every tax payer is how we use your dollars to educate our children. The data used comes from an Ohio Department of Education report called the Cupp Report.  This report contains statistics on public school districts in Ohio. It does use common data through which we use to make sure we are achieving our goals. For example: we have 22.4% of our children qualify at poverty levels and 12.1% of the children have disabilities.

A key comparison is how much money is spent to educate a child. This takes the total dollars spent in a year and divides it by the total number of students. The chart below is a summary:

Liberty-Benton $8,463
Arcadia $9,440
Arlington $10,192
Cory-Rawson $11,774
McComb $9,747
Van Buren $9,902
Vanlue $10,361
Findlay $10,602


We hope this illustrates that we continue to strive to provide the best education possible within a budget that is mindful of our community dollars. 

Yours in Education,

 Jim Kanable