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From the Desk of the Superintendent

December, 2014


The November 4th election defeat of the Bond issue to build a new K-8 building was not successful.  I have fielded many questions since then as to what are we going to do. My initial response is that we continue to listen to our public. I love this country that allows our citizens to control the direction of their community. It is difficult at times for us to realize just how special it is to have that type of freedom.

Over the last several months we have initiated several communication links that previously did not exist. It now becomes our responsibility to continue to use these links to listen. There is/was no plan B as some have asked. The issues presented to the community still exist, but we will continue to meet each day with an attitude to do our very best to help our children learn.

Turning our attention to inside the building…

The Ohio legislature this past year has changed the laws regarding high school students acquiring credits for college. The new program is referred to as College Credit Plus. This has taken Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), dual enrollment, and other programs and rolled them all into one program. There will still be options for students in all areas, but the guidelines for each college and university will all be under one umbrella.

What does this mean for Liberty-Benton? This has been a very strong element of our curriculum programming. We have offered credits through the University of Toledo, Oberlin, and Ohio Northern.  We are sitting down with these institutions and trying to continue to offer the same courses as in past years. We are also in discussions with other institutions to try and reach agreement on possible course offerings.

In the next Update, I plan to explain further the impact of these offerings to students of Liberty-Benton. 

Yours in Education,

 Jim Kanable