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October 20th
After observing the pattern, line, shape, detail, and symmetry of masks from Asia, Australia, Central and South America, 7th grade art students created plaster masks. These carefully painted and decorated masks in animal and human forms are currently on d…
October 20th
Students in 7th grade English class started off the year reviewing sentence structures. In order to learn a different sentence structure, some brave volunteers offered to dress up as cheerleaders and invent a chant for remembering the new structure.
October 20th
Liberty-Benton 8th Grade Students attended Cooper Tire’s Manufacturing Experience on Friday, October 7. The day was filled with a variety of hands-on activities that were centered around careers available at Cooper Tire. The students had the op…
October 12th
Eighth grade students in Miss Eicher’s Science class used graham crackers and frosting to model the three types of tectonic plate motion! This was such a fun (and tasty) way to learn about the natural processes that take place on our Earth!  
October 10th
Thank you for all who participated in the Walk-In. We had 65 parents, community members, teachers, board members, and administrators at our Walk-In. Also in attendance was Tanyce Addison, who is running for the State Board of Education in District One. We…

New Immunization Requirements take effect in 2016-17

The Ohio Department of Health now requires students in grades 7-12 to have vaccination for meningococcal disease. The 2016-17 school year will be the first year that students are required to have this vaccination. For 12th graders, this would be a second meningococcal vaccine if a first dose was given prior to age 16, or it would be a first and only dose if there were no prior doses. 

From the Desk of the Superintendent


August 17, 2016

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year!  Hopefully, you had the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful activities with family and friends during the past couple of months.  The summer has sure ended on a hot and steamy note. Just the right time to start school.

We are busy throughout the year, but the month of August is particularly busy for our students as they prepare for the start of school. Whether it is the county fair, band, cheerleading, or one of our fall sports, hundreds of Liberty-Benton students are engaged in activities that will benefit themselves, the school, and our community.

Liberty-Benton schools are fortunate to have the support of a tremendous community. We are also blessed to have a dedicated staff that is committed to nurturing our youth in their pursuit of excellence in and out of the classroom. Teachers and staff have been meeting throughout the summer in an effort to be ready for the first day of school and I'm confident that when our doors open today we will reach new academic heights. 

The summer months have allowed the district to address and improve some key areas of our buildings. We have replaced the boiler system in the 1921 part of the elementary building. This new system, along with new temperature controls, will eliminate the dramatic temperature conditions we have seen in the past years. The new boiler system will be much more energy efficient and will save in energy costs. 

We have added one modular unit which adds two new classrooms to our elementary. We now have 5 classes for each grade level. This is a goal we have spent the last six years trying to accomplish. Teachers will not be moving grades each year and thus will become comfortable with the curriculum. 

Additionally, we have updated the PA system at the high school, added interactive boards to classrooms, improved the backbone of our technology system (Hubs, switches, etc...), improved the camera security system, and bought two new buses. Most of these items were paid for through Permanent Improvement funds ear marked to keep our buildings up to operational standards.

We are excited about the new school year. We look forward to seeing you at a game, concert, or other event at our schools. Come out and support the kids, they are working hard and would love to see you. Go Eagles!!!

Jim Kanable