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Current Scholarships - clicking here will give you a complete list of all scholarships that I have been made aware of.

Local Scholarship Applications - these are either LB specific or Hancock County, NW Ohio.  Make your application look as professional as possible.  Open the link, then download the application.  Open the application from the yellow folder (icon on home screen) with Adobe Reader.  You can fill & sign right on the application and save as you go!  It is better to view this on your laptop:)

Local Scholarships for CLASS OF 2023

January 31 - Ohio Township
March 31 - Old Fort Bank

Scholarship Info.

Recommendations:  Ask early!  Respect their time & effort.  Give your recommender plenty of ADVANCED notice, not less than a week.

Essays:  Start an electronic scholarship file.  Once you have spent the time writing a great essay, you may only need to do minor changes to have it work for another scholarship prompt.

Scholarship Searches:  Keep in mind these are National....the lotter if you will.  Give them a try, but don't let them "burn you out".  

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