LBHS Students of the Month for November 2017

Liberty-Benton High School Students of the Month for November

Senior Hunter Haws is involved in football and wrestling, and he enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends. His favorite subjects are science and math, and he is looking forward to making money in his future. His personal goal is to be the best he can be. Hunter is the son of John and Holly Haws.



Junior Noah Aschemeier is active in NHS, Z-Club, Habitudes, varsity soccer, musical, and choir, and he enjoys fantasy football, reading, and Shark Week. His favorite classes are World History and dance, and he is looking forward to Christmas break and Avengers Infinity War. His personal goal is to improve by 1% every day. Noah is the son of Ryan and Deanna Aschemeier.



Sophomore Brian Ajala enjoys spending time with family and friends, and his favorite subjects are math and science. He is active in choir, soccer, track, and Spanish Club. He is looking forward to having a successful academic career at Liberty-Benton High School and going off to college. His personal goals are to get good grades, do well on the ACT, and go on to college. Brian is the son of Charmaine and Musa Ajala.


Freshman Brayden Todd enjoys playing the guitar, riding his bike, and drawing. His favorite subject is math, and he is active in Fermata the Blue, soccer, quiz bowl, and choir. He is looking forward to getting his driver’s license, and his personal goals are to graduate with a 4.0 and earn a full ride scholarship to college. Brayden is the son of Michael and Audrey Todd.




Honorable Mention Nominations for November Included:

Eliza Brisbin
Kacey Durliat
Rafael Naranjo Garcia
Corrine Groves
Emma Grubinski
Ben Heck
Sydney Lease
Austin May
Hannah Otley
Will Poling
Kaylee Puthoff
Katie Veenstra
Andrew Vucco

Andrew Grimm
Eli Heaster
Logan Kizer
Katelyn Lewis
Lucas Mattingly
Karissa Mead
Paige Rickle
Grace Schlumbohm
Cameron Schroeder
Brooke Slezak
Molly Walker
Chelsea Weadock
Chloe Wright

Julia Bell
Kyle Butler
Olivia Deitering
Marcellus Eckford
Felicia Fernandez
Collin Gaerke
Holly Heck
Callie Kisseberth
Austin Newell
Maddie Parmelee
Marshall Rose
Mia Trevino

Caleb Aukerman
Jaydelyn Bailey
Dru Baker
Joshua Barto
Connor Clagg
Elizabeth Eberhard
Nathan Garcia
Kylie Gioffredo
Mary Holley
Allison Hooper
Kieran Lay
Noah Lyon
Kati Pape
Hannah Piddock